What is the New Clutter?

by Miguel Wickert

in Blogs

According to piece from the Basement.com,  a lot of what’s produced online is what’s being called “the new clutter.” You know, those  blog posts or columns that distract us from what’s important, while offering hype and promise but never delivering. Do you understand? Tell me you caught that?  Does that make sense? the new clutter is  simply the article itself.

Remember when you first started blogging? Was it because you enjoyed writing? or maybe you wanted the warm feelings that come with knowing someone cases about what you write. Perhaps, for others, the possibility of making a sale through affiliate links.

So we force ourselves to produce content, to write and write but to what end? Sadly, just money. For example, take the tons of personal blogs trying to sell us stuff. The machine is producing clutter. We produce clutter.  I produce clutter. well… no more. My aim is to share meaningful links, thoughts and content. Including: producing anything for personal gain.

Managing and producing for several sites isn’t easy. What’s in the forefront of our minds when we produce? Our motives. For more on the new clutter, see the Basement.

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Google’s Voice App

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2010 Resolutions

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Speed Reading Video

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Friday Links

From the Web The U2 Method of High-Impact Writing – Nice short post on writing clear, short and to the point. Let’s not forget the essentials. The Reason Why You Never Did It – In this post, Skellie in her typical form, empowers the weak, and encourages innovation and a new direction in your blogging [...]

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How Twitter Helped Me Land A Job

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Free Online To-do App

TeuxDeux Demo from TeuxDeux on Vimeo. TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, browser-based to-do app and the first collaboration between studio-mates swissmiss and Fictive Kin . Enjoy, tell me what you think? Would you use something like this?

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